Kim, Jae Hong


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    Concrete structures, materials and construction

  • Degree

    Ph.D. Civil and Env. Engin., KAIST

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    W1-2 3205

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    Resilient Infrastructure

  • Google Scholar +82-42-350-3610

Concrete is one of the most important engineering materials, and construction industry has consumed concrete more than 25 billion tonne per year. Research group for concrete structures and materials in KAIST investigates (1) its performance based design and specification; (2) construction performance related to fluidity and workability; and (3) economic and environmental merits.

∙ B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering, KAIST (2002)
∙ M .S. Civil and Environmental Engineering, KAIST (2004)
∙ Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering, KAIST (2008)
∙ 2008~2011 Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University, IL, USA
∙ 2011~2018 Assistant/Associate Professor, UNIST, Ulsan, Korea
∙ 2018~present Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil & Env. Eng., KAIST
Main Research Field
∙ Rheology of cement-based materials
∙ Mechanical and microstructural evaluation of concrete
∙ Limit state analysis of concrete structures