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Harmony of Human Welfare
with Mother Nature

Since the dawn of human civilization, Civil and Environmental engineering
has contributed towards fulfilling the basic necessities of human life and welfare,
and the field has further expanded to include diverse areas involving public
management to enhance public welfare.

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Future Civilization Through
Technology Convergence

Resilient Infrastructures, Sustainable Environment, Smart Urban Systems, Renewable Energy & Earth Resources.
Our research aims to establish a future civilization by converging state-of-the-art technologies.

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Convergent, Multi-Disciplinary,

Ceaseless efforts are being made into creating an education system that can develop students into global
leaders through the use of convergent, multidisciplinary, and international learning experiences.
We welcome all young dreamers who are willing to contribute to industries, nations,
and humanity in their glorious future careers.

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Establish Innovative Infrastructures

We seek to establish innovative infrastructures through the exploration
of unconventional knowledge and technology, active cooperation with industries,
and the creation of high value products and the subsequent creation of new job opportunities.

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